A day on Loch Morar

By Loch Morar’s rocky shore
Live Crofter men and Lairds galore
There’s tales they tell, that’s pretty tall
But here’s the strangest of them all
A tale about a catch of fish
You’ve never seen the likes of this
By rod and line, a legal catch
And at a competition match.

The scene was Mallaig Angling Club
Headquarters is in in Morar Pub
A day was set when they would try
For prizes from Whyte and MacKay.
Names were sent to John MacNeil
Who issued out the rules and spiel
And entered in, complete with dosh
Was John MacVarish and by Gosh.

Then dawned the competition day
The hearty pair were on their way
A fine packed lunch, a can of beer
And other little drops of cheer
Their thoughts were on a good day out
Silver Salmon and Sea Trout
But these are just nostalgic ways
Of not forgetting Good Old Days.

Tug, Tug, “I’ve got a fish” said John
Tug, Tug, By Gosh then had one on
Two smashing Salmon in the boat
A hefty dram went down the throat
Tears of joy came in their eyes
Surely this was the First Prize
Two lovely fish at seven pound
They thought MacLeod should buy the round.

They sauntered on their merry way
And found themselves in Meoble Bay
Then they got this beezer on
A 14 pounder, caught by John
Round the boat they did a jig
From the bottle, had a swig
The day’s not past there’s time for more
And Donnie made it – Number Four

At this you’d think that they’d pack up
For they were guaranteed the “Cup”
But no, they kept their hopes alive
and soon they landed Number Five
Feeling buoyant with their catch
They entered Morar Bar to watch
The other Fishers coming in
And English Tourists swilling gin.

Weighing in was quite a chore
The other catches quite a bore
MacNeil put on his Sunday smile
The rest were choking on their bile
Some had found the fishing poor
Some had found the loch so dour
But heartened by this handsome catch
Poured beer and whiskies down the hatch.

The compliments came thick and fast
With reminiscence of the past
Whiskies, beers and lemonade
Records broken, records made
The heroes of the Mallaig Club
With arms linked, left Morar Pub
Looked up to tell the starry skies